pgflag hangs

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pgflag hangs

Postby gal16b » Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:56 pm

I thought I would report this. I am churning through the ATCA GLASS data and have come across a little problematic scenario. If all data in a visibility file is already flagged before pgflag is executed, it seems that pgflag will hang. The process will run continue to run without and exit. My jobs on a compute cluster get timed out at 6 hours, and when I checked 5 hours were spent by this one pgflag task getting caught somewhere. In the last semester of observing where we were filling in missing hour-angle coverage I am finding this problem happening a more than I would like.

This happens in both the user interactive and automated flagging modes. It happens across different pgflag settings (stokes, flarpar etc).

I can work around this with a check using uvfstats to ensure that there is at least some unflagged data before hand. I would think though that the preferred behavior would be for pgflag to exit without getting caught in this loop.
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Re: pgflag hangs

Postby Mark.Wieringa » Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:17 pm

Hi Tim,

thanks for reporting this.
I must admit I don't quite understand what the code is trying to do here, but I slapped on a patch and now it exits when there is no unflagged data left.
Let me know if you notice any other issues.
The update should go out tomorrow night.


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