MIRHELP - Solution to Miriad help system not being detected

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MIRHELP - Solution to Miriad help system not being detected

Postby Bob » Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:16 pm

Here's a problem I stumbled on recently after completing new Miriad installations on a couple of new Linux systems.

Miriad installed fine on both but the help system kept 'bombing' out and giving errors stating that (I believe) MIRHELP wasn't installed.

The solution was quite simple, after a little hunting around.

The various Miriad shell scripts that are installed all appear to require BASH to be installed, which most Linux flavours have; however, the Miriad help system (MIRHELP) requires the C-shell (i.e. CSH). Many Linux systems already have this installed. Mine didn't, however.

Simple solution: Just install the 'csh' package and MIRHELP works just fine.

Just thought I'd mention this as I don't believe I've read it anywhere in the documentation :-)
It might be worth just rewriting this shell script to standardise the whole installation to use BASH.

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