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Practical tutorial for combining ATCA + Parkes

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:02 am
by Stephan
So on the radio school we learned how useful mixing single dish and interferometer data can be. I'm currently reducing data for ESO274-G001 and found that there is Parkes data available. Part of the HIPASS sample. I managed to obtain the raw data and using livedata/gridzilla got two fits files with the image and beam. I then regridded this to my ATCA image and am currently combining it using mosmem. While this all seems to be working so far, I want to doublecheck what I have done. Is there any tutorial online which shows how to do this? The Miriad manual describes the theory and there are a couple of powerpoints online which show results, but I have yet to locate a practical tutorial.

Mostly I'm looking for a good tutorial which follows the entire process data archive > livedata > gridzilla > regrid > mosmem