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Re: mirpy

Postby ste616 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:54 am

Hi Brodie,

I'm afraid I cannot replicate your issue. With code virtually identical to yours, using Python 2.7, I get no TypeError:

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# This is test.py
from mirpy import miriad

def atlod_filter(output):
  return output.split('\n')


miriad.set_filter('atlod', atlod_filter)
atlodLines=miriad.atlod(In=ddir, out='uvdata', options='birdie,rfiflag,xycorr,opcorr,noauto')

print "Output had %d lines" % len(atlodLines)

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ste616@jamieubun-cl: [CX424]
 $ python test.py
Output had 265 lines
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