Problems with 'imstat': Fortran runtime error?

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Problems with 'imstat': Fortran runtime error?

Postby emonts » Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:13 am


I am having problems running the miriad task 'imstat' properly.

For spectral-line data, I cannot get the statistics in the spectral domain (which I assume require 'axes=RA,DEC' or something similar).
For images, no summary is being calculated.
The error I get in both occasions is:

Axis 4 (STOKES): 1
Axis 3 (VELO-HEL)
### Error: Rtfmt told to generate format with negatives or zeroes
### Error: Generated format: 2x,a7,-1x,a13,' Sum Mean rms Maximum Minimum
At line 3928 of file /nfs/atapplic/miriad/linux64/tmp/imstat.f
Fortran runtime error: Expected P edit descriptor in format
(2x,a7,-1x,a13,' Sum Mean rms Maximum Minimum Npoints')

So it looks like a Fortran code error.
(I think recently this task was updated. Before it was not necessary to specify 'axes', back then it worked fine, so perhaps an error slipped in).

Hope that someone can help with this.

Many thanks,
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